Coffee, Don’t buy.

That hot lovely liquid that surges our adrenals and makes us happy nervous.

Everyday we buy items that feed the beast. The beast that uses our hard earned money to fuel its own agenda. The beast that has enslaved the 99, the besast that will allow to live and breath its foul breath upon the each with consequence or guilt.

Coffee: Today get your caffeine fix from a local coffee shop or grind the beans yourself. Better yet skip the wretched soup and pocket the five dollars for food. We as a species survived long and well without the anxiety producing caffeine of coffee.

If we all stopped buying coffee alone, image the changes in your lifestyle, health and landscape as the corporate coffee giants fall. Starbucks could become a park on every corner.

Coffee also makes me really hyper and agitated, I find myself becoming a bit rude and short tempered. And the ultra delicious lovely smelling coffee is very addictive. Mother, home, warmth, safety, all the things i cherish most are brought to my mind when I smell coffee. I can’t even describe what i experience when I drink it.

It’s an obvious addiction.

How did our society get by without it for so long until it became such a massive part of our lifestyles?

Corporate manipulation changes our ways of life. They have a product then create the need for it, by insinuating it into our lives until it near impossible to live without it.

I struggle every day to not drink coffee.


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