The Revolution IS being televised

It’s an old saying: “The Revolution WIll Be Televised”. It brings up visions of ancient vacuum tube TVs sitting in a dusty corner. Yet it always had such promise surrounding it: no one could forget. And now it’s actually come true. There is no better time to dust off the civil liberties the words raise, with an added twist to imply the immediacy of the truth.

The Revolution IS Being Televised.

The world is watching , THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

The question now becomes what do they see?


2 thoughts on “The Revolution IS being televised

  1. People see what they want – and make things match their prejudices. I am endlessly amazed as I watch people take information and twist it to their own minds beliefs.
    HOW do we get people to see that we are all so similar, all the same under our opinions and we all need the same thing?
    What must it be doing to the soul of those police who have to abuse innocent people and betray the constitution. How do we help them see themselves in the protestors?

  2. Its happening right now as the number of people unified in protest increase, the Police are forced to see their own fragile mental state as their power is taken away from them.

    Recently after tear gassing several student that were sitting on campus, the Police were forced off the campus by overwhelming numbers of student chanting SHAME ON YOU!

    The Police cowered off the campus, in hilarious humiliation. That is the ONLY way they will learn, its not working anymore!

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