Adolescent Police beg to learn.

Policmen swing clubs at women, shoot rubber bullets at crowds without discrimination. Blue uniforms stretched over fat-bellied cops, angry violent pension-hoping arms beat down civil protesters. Women cower, hands over head, children run, men restrain themselves. Haven’t we seen this picture repeated enough already?

As a child did you want to fight the good fight, take down baddies? Then you grew up and realized it wasn’t so black and white. Who was bad and good was played out in a more complex context and you let your childish dreams fade.

Internet video has exposed once again the adolescent rage of aged men acting out on adult playgrounds. The world is watching in awe of addle-minded forces of hypocrisy paid by tax dollars beat down the people who pay those dollars. Whose orders are the Police following? Who in their right mind would order such violence against the very people that pay their salaries?

Is it any wonder people refuse to pay taxes to those who merely use the funds to create a force that uses fear and violence to take away our rights and freedoms. What type of person will gather under the banner of “protect and serve” only to use it as a guise for insane behavior that is illegal and only allowed because of force and occlusion by the rights of numbers or weapons?

If our tax dollars are going to be used to attack us and those in power do not know how to use our money shouldn’t we stop giving it to them? Would you pay the corner bully to beat you when you went out for groceries merely because he said he would actually protect you?

Time to bring down the structure we are feeding. Stop Buying! Stop paying corporations so can they choose our leaders. Starve the Beast.


5 thoughts on “Adolescent Police beg to learn.

  1. Did you see the photo of the copy helmet # B11 shooting that girl in the face. It was on FB!

    Did you hear about Chase bank making a huge donation to the NYPD. How is that Legal? Is it legal? Really, doesn’t anyone in the government have any metal or is it true that the congress makes up 11% of the 1%, can everyone really really be bought?!?

    I am applauded and frankly go back and forth between the hopelessness of it all and the justifiable rage that I feel we need to use to rise up and destroy.

    This is the most anti-American thing in our history!

  2. We must protect our internet right, this is the era of communication and the internet will enable us to share methods and strength in number to unite against those we have put in power. We must become aware of what our politicians are doing and hold them accountable and get rid of them.

    For too long Politicians have seen their position as an elite one, when in fact they obviously work for us. But Corporate money has destroyed their connection to the people that have elected them and made them slaves to the dollar and their own self righteous egos.

    We have the power to take back our rights and reveal those that are hypocrites with the light of the internet.

    Money and the power of consumerism is the ultimate power.

    The corporations use our money to control the system to subvert Democracy to their whims.

    We are doing this to ourselves, we must take back our power and the money that the Corporations use to buy off government.

    And it’s so easy. let’s do it.

    Stop buying and let the Corporations die!

  3. NPR covers UCD attacks on students:

    The Spirit of Gandi is smiling on USALL, especially those kids and their courage to sit, to transcend their possible urge to strick back and to still make a statement that is much more potent!

    The Strenght of MLK is Cheering us on!

    The power of JFK/RFK are walking beside the president and he hears the couragous radical human potental of the moment we are living in!

    This is a revolution we are all in. And I hope that those who fear change awake up!

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