Consumerism is Power. Money is OUR tool.

Stop the corporations. Stop feeding the beast. Stop buying.  Money is OUR power.

“Working jobs we don’t like, so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

Consumerism is the ultimate power. While the bloated beast of Corporation feed off our life’s blood, sweat and money, we as a people continue to play a game of compliance to strange rules implying that we must continue this cycle of feeding a contrived economic model destined for failure out of fear. That fear is a lie created by those in power to enslave us and to feed off our toil. Corporations’ greed and hypocrisy will be our downfall as a society, because we have become disconnected from ourselves and our neighbors. We have allowed this beast to grow beyond our ability to control, yet the simplest of means is available to us to regain control and inject integrity and economic stability in our country and those outside it. Stop buying!



3 thoughts on “Consumerism is Power. Money is OUR tool.

  1. Look into the eyes of your farmer at a farmers market. Hand him/her the money you made. Say thank you for the gift of good food.

    Now look into the eyes of the Corporation that made your microwavable corndog – opps you can’t cause they have no soul, you are looking into the vapid abyss of the end of the human race. You are looking into the eyes that want to drain your soul and entrap you in service to them.

    Now choose, give your energy to the farmer or lay down your soul, splice yourself open and let the corporation drink your blood.

    We chose!
    I chose!
    You chose!

  2. Yes! We must choose. I buy my food every week from a local farmer, I moved so that I would be able to do that. And every week she looks me straight in the eye, and says thank you. I bought Berry jam from her that was so filled with love and sweetness that I eat my bread and jam every morning with a smile so wide others doubt my sanity.

    It’s almost a lost beauty to be able to tie yourself to the soil and experience the joys of real food and a connection of respect and admiration for the farmer that toil in the fields to make our food.

    We must chose to reconnect to that chain of life, for our souls and those of our children.

  3. I joined a local community garden so I could learn about growing food. It is more enjoyable, natural and challenging than I thought. I made pies from my own pumpkins and didn’t open a can to do it! Really it go me thinking, my whole life I thought of pumpkins as halloween decorations and pumpkin pies as something that came from a can. It was very naturally sweet and I only added some honey, no cane sugar!

    This made me consider how many other ways I was disconnected from what is real and natural. The garden has also provided me with a new community of friends, people in my neighborhood that share information and take time to visit. It has been a truely enriching experience.

    The corn I grew tasted better than anything I remember. It was amazing, very different from the grocery store and I never would have guessed that corn could taste so good. I ate it raw, no salt, no butter – my son taught be to do that by his example. He picked it up and ate it!

    It gave me a new respect for life, the great amount of energy that the earth and elements put into what we are eating to live. A tomato off the vine in the heat of the August day is like liquid life, it is a joining of lives that gives life as the food transforms from the fruit into what nurishes my body.

    I like your site. There are many things that each of us can do. It is the doing of those things that moves us forward as a group. I hope we evolve and find the strength to stop believing we have to repeat the behaviors that have brought us to the troubles we are facing.

    Warm Regards,


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