The Beast

Our money is the Corporation’s blood. Starve The Beast.

The ultimate power over our economy and society is in our hands. No one can take that from us. WE are what powers the beast and we decide if it lives or dies. We have only to let go of our fears and recreate our society so that it reflects the integrity needed for the well being of us all and our planet earth.

Stop Buying!
Better to stop now than when it’s too late and finite resources are gone. Our world resources can no longer support our unconscious purchasing. The corporate machine will continue to feed and supply our fears until it dies of thirst. The beast has no consciousness or integrity. It’s not designed to. A corporate entity has only profit as its guiding belief system. It answers to a board of directors that demand more quarterly profits at whatever the cost. It is a decentralized entity functioning outside the law and almost impossible to hold accountable for its worldly destructive methods.

Stop Buying!
Take pleasure in your new tasks, unite and create new ways to eat, sleep and dream. This is not a trial, this is the joyful reinvention and final release from a prison within the belly of a beast gone mad with greed.

When we wake, the beast will resort to violence to secure its position. Assembly is an absolute right guaranteed by our constitution. This cannot be changed by a newly militarized police force. Yet people are being attacked and injured because the beast is frightened.

It wants to keep us under control and feed from our labour and pain.

It will force us through fear to rape the planet, attack our fellow humans and desecrate our most sacred dreams.

The beast is inhuman.

Profit is its only focus and whatever it must do to create more profit, it will do. It will rape your family, it will kill your children, it will give you life threatening illness then charge you large for drugs to keep you barely alive so that you can buy more drugs. You will eventually die which is also what they want so that you will free up space in a world of 7 billion.

The herd mentality takes over when individuals work in a Corporation, orders are given and rewards to those that carry them out. To belong to a Corporation there are bylaws and rules outside the governing humanistic values. The Corporation being inhuman enables and profits from inhuman acts created by human being manipulated by fear.

This is a battle for the resources of the planet earth, which Corporation are claiming ownership of through might makes right and selling out birthrights back to us at a premium. This is a battle of the human soul against those that have lost theirs. The blackened hearts of mindless ghouls that have sold theirs hearts to the Corporations for a few dollars to buy extras that were created from dwindling resources to live in chemical cubicles, on land that once had tress and grass.

This is a battle for what is right, and this is not a personal agenda. The earth itself will soon do what is right and eject its tenants the human race from its soil for desecrating it without conscious. There is so much at stake in the next decade, it will become a crusade of almost biblical proportions.

More to come….


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