Children eat what Big Food Corporations say!

Corporate Congress announced that frozen pizza was a vegetable. Who decides what your children eat at school? I know who does and it better be you, but more likely it’s Big Food Corporations. You know, the ones that paid off The United States Congress to vote to rebuke new USDA guidelines  for more fresh fruit and vegetables in school cafeterias.

But don’t worry cause Congress has our backs, yes indeed. It’s all ok because the aged rotten tomato paste made with sugar and of course that all important fiber we all need: WOOD! All on top of a frozen chemical-filled saw dust crust is actually a vegetable.

I kid you not, frozen pizza is a vegetable. Because it may have a few molecules of tomatos, but no one has informed Congress that it’s a fruit not a vegetable! Duh, the seeds are on the inside. Doesn’t that make it a fruit? Maybe as kids their meals were frozen pizza also and they didn’t have the nutrition needed to learn years ago.

Who are these morons? It’s the Corporate Congress of course, who else would be so self assured to think they could get away with such obvious mental retardation?

Yes of course there is NO plant for fake tomato paste or any of the other ingredients but Wood is in fact a tree so that’s gotta be nutritious, right?

Wrong. The Big Food Corps do not care what your children eat or what their children eat and I’m pretty damn sure they don’t care what they themselves eat. Hell, they probably think this song is about them. And they would be right. Only it’s a death march, not actually a song…

…Cause this is about the most crazy selfish scum sucking bastards that are destroying children’s lives before they even have a chance to live them, and the men who turn their backs on ethics and the responsibilities they bear for what they were elected for.

Frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, tater tots, strange gums and chemicals and dyes and plastics and wood are all important parts of a healthy meal. Everyone knows that, so what’s the problem?

We as parents are the problem, because when our children have cancer from red dye number 2 or something that we have no idea what the hell it is that some guy decided to pour a few chemicals together and call it food so his company could make something more tasty to our lazy tongues.

We are the problems because we buy poison and eat it. We are both sleeping beauty and the witch with a golden apple filled with poison. Only there’s NO apple and there is NO sleeping beauty. There’s only the never ending stream of poison, in the lies, the corrupution and our food!

We’re just stupid, lazy and asleep and the Corporations count on this to continue to sell us easy fake food, to weaken us so that we will comply with their agenda to continue buying Corp Big Food.

And now huge kick backs line the pockets of Congress with the the blood of children filling the halls of schools.

I am in awe of our willingness to allow anything to happen and not act or unite in numbers of power to stop the beastly Corporations from raping our children’s health under the guise of fake credentials applied by dying soulless fools paid off to turn the other way.

For this we can thank large food companies — in this case ConAgra and Schwan — which pressured Congress to comply with their financial interests.

STOP, feeding the Beast. Stop buying corporate goods, let these bastards get a new job as garbage pickers or better yet mules to toil in the fields and learn how real food is created and valued.

Stand up for our children’s future as you would have wanted someone to stand up for yours.

Who knows what you could have created or become with the right nutrition? What would have been your zenith? Are you sick?

How long do you think we have been eating this chemical garbage from the Corp Big Food? 30, 40, 50 years? more?

STOP the Beast. Stop buying, shop local, eat local. Use your power of consumerism and use that power wisely. Do it now or suffer NOW.


3 thoughts on “Children eat what Big Food Corporations say!

  1. My kids get real food sandwiches, veggies, fruit, things that you can see have vitality in them, and then are teased about not being normal!

    When I ask other mom’s about what they feed their kids, I hear, they won’t eat anything but chicken nuggets – pizza – candy etc….my kids just won’t eat their veggies (whining and self pitying). This is when the kids are 3 or 5 years old! I ask, who the heck (!!@#%&&) buys the food? Who cooks it and who gives it to them. Who decided a candy bar as better than an apple. You did mom and dad! Who put the french fries in their mouths? Did your 3 year old or 7 year old hijack the car and drive to the McPlastic or BurgerKrap window when you weren’t looking? When I see families taking toddlers for chocolate ice cream at 8 pm then scolding them for acting out I roll my eyes in hopelessness – WTF are they doing to their kids!

    Here’s the kicker – we have known so much of this for so long and yet remain complacent. When I was a kid I remember my dad reading out loud that the Government decided Ketchup was a veggie. He picked up the bottled and read: processed tomatoes paste (boiled tomato waste from the worst, rotten and other wise unusable tomatoes), sugar and vinegar and salt. None of these thing we would eat on there own, yet we use tax dollars to subsidize this as a veggie. And we wonder why our schools no longer teach critical thinking. The lives we live cannot hold up to the most basic questioning, let alone critical thought.

    We are waddling along as a nation of cows to the food court, which is now next to the medical center so we have a very short trip to have our diabetes comma or corinary blockages looked at. It is very convenient that our extra large sweat pants and adult diapers can all be purchased on the way. The Rx’s are also in the mall or online etc.

    My Grandpa lived to 96 and never had any shortage of trees, corn syrup or synthetic medicine in his body. He worked every day and died fixing his tracker in the field. He ate bacon, drank some whiskey and occasionally swore and smoked a cigar, but he exercised, did honest work and ate real food and brewed his own beer, which I am pretty sure he enjoyed drinking;) He never went to a gym and didn’t need a Wii to trick him into doing what his body was made to do. He wasn’t confused about life and didn’t do what the government told him to do. He ate what nature “God” gave him to eat.

    The corporate food suppliers for our schools are the same as for our prisons and food courts. The food supply is a critical link in the corporate take over of our lives. Control what people eat and you control their lives. You are what you eat – my father witnessed this years ago and warned us. He was a farmer, when they really grew food, not Frankenstein lab produced un-food. Now, trees, termites eat trees, most animals don’t!


    Donuts are NOT breakfast, sugar is not food, trees are not good for our digestion! Does anyone wonder why so many young folks have Iritatable Bowel System – THEY ARE EATING TRASH AND TREES!!!! DUH!

    There is no excuse, watch some of the movies about what we eat.

    Thanks for telling the truth here!

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