Soylant Green is made of WOOD!

Yes, the Corporations and the FDA have decided that it’s a good idea to put wood in our food. McDonald’s McRib’s secret ingredient is Wood! Kellogg’s cereal has extra fiber, it’s called Wood! The list is far too long to post here, and the mere idea that there are other human beings on this planet that are so incredibly mentally challenged, such dullards, that they consider Wood as food fit for consumption makes my stomach turn.

But wait! The brilliant FDA, our Government, says it’s ok! So there is nothing to worry about.

No, wait a moment, the FDA is obviously being run by complete morons. If there was ever any doubt that the FDA is nothing more than Hillbillies with no education or had the ability to even tie shoe laces, any doubt has been dispelled. These people, and I hesitate to use the word people, are completely and utterly disabled!

But they are still very dangerous.

Who in their right mind would think for a moment to put wood in food?

If you were at a business meeting and the guy in the back row who rarely speaks suddenly jumps up and explains how to raise our company fiscal profits, nay dare I say it, our overall profits, for the next 20 to 30 years before anyone catches on.

The guy pulls up his beltless pants, spitting as he speaks: “We must put a cheap chemical and fibrous filler into food to thicken and add to its weight and volume. This isn’t really food, but it will save calories and we all want to lose weight, right?

The Head of the Board stares at the overweight slovenly back of the room guy.

“And we can get away with this because…

Oh we can get away with it easily, we just pay the FDA a ridiculous sum of money. Which we can recoup in the long run, as long as no one finds out. And even if they did, would they really stop eating the product? No, they would not. And most refuse to read the label anyway. We just call it something else.”

“Not Wood Pulp.” stutters the Head.

“Oh, no. We call it Cellulose or something vague that makes people think of fat people and no one would dare bring it up.”

The board rubs their fat bellies. “Man in the back of the room, you are a genius! You will get a promotion for this, if I have my way and I do.”

No he was not fired for incredible lack of ethics and vast stupidity, he was promoted. This is why people in Corporations act this way.

Who are these people? But more importantly, why are we enabling them?

Stop buying processed food, stop buying Corporate goods. There is nothing good or useful in these items. Shop local as much as you can, and do not eat processed food. Its not that it’s bad for you, it’s that it has WOOD in it and the selfish halfwits have done this to save a few dollars.

The dollar is the bottom line and your death or illness is of NO concern or consequences to them.

Here is a link to more information.

Of course google “FDA wood in food” and you will see what we are feeding our children and ourselves.

Fight back with the power of the dollar. Put these people out of business before they kill you and others.

No this post is not a joke, it is not Aprils Fool’s day and not Halloween. Just another day of greed and stupidity.

Mom made some apple wood pie, can’t wait to have a slice. It’s homemade, yum!


2 thoughts on “Soylant Green is made of WOOD!

  1. I think you are too kind. You call them morons. I called them EVIL selfish beast who have intent to harm children and buy the souls of those too weak to educate themselves. I call them soul eaters and the price of the American Soul can be found on the dollar menu at the drive through.

  2. I had to refrain from writing nothing but a stream of endless name calling. If ever there was a reason for Darwinism, this would be it. Though they would claim that we would be culled from the herd for being so stupid as to buy their products. And they may be right, until we as a society stop handing our lives and health over to fools merely for convenience sake.

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