Black Friday, Blackout Brain.

Black Friday is some sort of historic event, historical only in the fact that we fall for this nonsense every year. It’s merely another consumer holiday that the Corporations look forward to.

They have charts projecting throughout the year with demographics and stats on how much money they anticipate to manipulate us into buying on yet another contrived and irrelevant holiday. Another excuse to claim it’s sale time, when it’s actually CON time once again, as it is every few months.

As always we as a population of consuming fools, cannot resist.

Consumerism is a mental illness.

We run out, stand in lines,sleep in tents, fight each other, kick and claw to buy things we don’t need or want and if the stupid crap weren’t on sale we wouldn’t even think of buying them.

A desperate stupid woman used pepper spray to ward off other zombie buyers to safe guard her dibs on some cheap electronics that would soon find a home in her closet or garage.

She injured 20 buying zombies as others lurched forward with glazed eyes to the cash registers.

Of course she went to jail, i certainly hope her bail was set low enough for her to still buy her precious electronics. And that Wally put her hard won sale items to the side for her, though I doubt it.

What in the world possesses us to become such idiotic misanthropic fools when there are a few pennies to be saved on items we don’t really need.

But we want to save money. So that dvd series that was $100 is now $25 and we save some big bucks. But guess what? If you really want to save some money, don’t buy it. There is a reason you haven’t bought it before, it’s because you don’t really need it!

Corporations sell these items that are sitting on shelves for years. The original cost on a dvd series is in the pennies to press the dvd and it would continue to sit there till the world explodes and dvd’s go swimming in the universe.

It’s so obvious when digital downloads of purchases are still priced at the same price of pressed dvds. Why? There is no cost of pressing the digital version so why is the purchase price still the same? Cause Corporations do not give anyone a deal or a break and they don’t lower costs unless they are afraid of losing something.

They are based on fear and creating fear in consumers. So if you think that you are not going to get what you want at a certain price then you are to fight to forced to buy it today.

There is NO such thing as a sale, the corporations are alway making too much money from you and you are empowering them to use and manipulate  us.

If you want to save money, Don’t Buy!

Go without that new crappy video game machine, you can live without the extra large tv, and forget all about the silly toys that will be worthless in a few months.

Make it an exercise in life affirmation, put your thoughts elsewhere, learn a new language or invent something. Do anything other than buy another crappy useless device that you do not need!

And if you can’t think of anything to do or create, maybe you should just burn the money! That would be better than feeding the beast of the corporate world.


3 thoughts on “Black Friday, Blackout Brain.

  1. Thanks for the jump Veronica.
    This is another example of how we have all become cattle to the Corporations.
    We will kill each other to buy these ridiculous toys during sales.

    What has possessed us, what has turned our minds to blubber?

    What happened to simple adult common sense?

    Stop Buying, the Corporations are laughing at your insane behavior and count on it next sale day to raise their profits.

    Come on already, this isn’t that difficult to understand.

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