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We are u. Listen carefully. we know what we want, don't be afraid. Stand up and wake from sleep. the adventure begins again. Lets remake the world. through a few simple changes.

Black Friday, Blackout Brain.

Black Friday is some sort of historic event, historical only in the fact that we fall for this nonsense every year. It’s merely another consumer holiday that the Corporations look forward to.

They have charts projecting throughout the year with demographics and stats on how much money they anticipate to manipulate us into buying on yet another contrived and irrelevant holiday. Another excuse to claim it’s sale time, when it’s actually CON time once again, as it is every few months.

As always we as a population of consuming fools, cannot resist.

Consumerism is a mental illness.

We run out, stand in lines,sleep in tents, fight each other, kick and claw to buy things we don’t need or want and if the stupid crap weren’t on sale we wouldn’t even think of buying them. Continue reading


Children eat what Big Food Corporations say!

Corporate Congress announced that frozen pizza was a vegetable. Who decides what your children eat at school? I know who does and it better be you, but more likely it’s Big Food Corporations. You know, the ones that paid off The United States Congress to vote to rebuke new USDA guidelines  for more fresh fruit and vegetables in school cafeterias.

But don’t worry cause Congress has our backs, yes indeed. It’s all ok because the aged rotten tomato paste made with sugar and of course that all important fiber we all need: WOOD! All on top of a frozen chemical-filled saw dust crust is actually a vegetable. Continue reading

Soylant Green is made of WOOD!

Yes, the Corporations and the FDA have decided that it’s a good idea to put wood in our food. McDonald’s McRib’s secret ingredient is Wood! Kellogg’s cereal has extra fiber, it’s called Wood! The list is far too long to post here, and the mere idea that there are other human beings on this planet that are so incredibly mentally challenged, such dullards, that they consider Wood as food fit for consumption makes my stomach turn.

But wait! The brilliant FDA, our Government, says it’s ok! So there is nothing to worry about.

No, wait a moment, the FDA is obviously being run by complete morons. If there was ever any doubt that the FDA is nothing more than Hillbillies with no education or had the ability to even tie shoe laces, any doubt has been dispelled. These people, and I hesitate to use the word people, are completely and utterly disabled!

But they are still very dangerous. Continue reading

The Beast

Our money is the Corporation’s blood. Starve The Beast.

The ultimate power over our economy and society is in our hands. No one can take that from us. WE are what powers the beast and we decide if it lives or dies. We have only to let go of our fears and recreate our society so that it reflects the integrity needed for the well being of us all and our planet earth.

Stop Buying!
Better to stop now than when it’s too late and finite resources are gone. Our world resources can no longer support our unconscious purchasing. The corporate machine will continue to feed and supply our fears until it dies of thirst. The beast has no consciousness or integrity. It’s not designed to. A corporate entity has only profit as its guiding belief system. It answers to a board of directors that demand more quarterly profits at whatever the cost. It is a decentralized entity functioning outside the law and almost impossible to hold accountable for its worldly destructive methods.

Stop Buying! Continue reading

Consumerism is Power. Money is OUR tool.

Stop the corporations. Stop feeding the beast. Stop buying.  Money is OUR power.

“Working jobs we don’t like, so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

Consumerism is the ultimate power. While the bloated beast of Corporation feed off our life’s blood, sweat and money, we as a people continue to play a game of compliance to strange rules implying that we must continue this cycle of feeding a contrived economic model destined for failure out of fear. That fear is a lie created by those in power to enslave us and to feed off our toil. Corporations’ greed and hypocrisy will be our downfall as a society, because we have become disconnected from ourselves and our neighbors. We have allowed this beast to grow beyond our ability to control, yet the simplest of means is available to us to regain control and inject integrity and economic stability in our country and those outside it. Stop buying!

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Adolescent Police beg to learn.

Policmen swing clubs at women, shoot rubber bullets at crowds without discrimination. Blue uniforms stretched over fat-bellied cops, angry violent pension-hoping arms beat down civil protesters. Women cower, hands over head, children run, men restrain themselves. Haven’t we seen this picture repeated enough already?

As a child did you want to fight the good fight, take down baddies? Then you grew up and realized it wasn’t so black and white. Who was bad and good was played out in a more complex context and you let your childish dreams fade.

Internet video has exposed once again the adolescent rage of aged men acting out on adult playgrounds. The world is watching in awe of addle-minded forces of hypocrisy paid by tax dollars beat down the people who pay those dollars. Whose orders are the Police following? Who in their right mind would order such violence against the very people that pay their salaries?

Is it any wonder people refuse to pay taxes to those who merely use the funds to create a force that uses fear and violence to take away our rights and freedoms. What type of person will gather under the banner of “protect and serve” only to use it as a guise for insane behavior that is illegal and only allowed because of force and occlusion by the rights of numbers or weapons?

If our tax dollars are going to be used to attack us and those in power do not know how to use our money shouldn’t we stop giving it to them? Would you pay the corner bully to beat you when you went out for groceries merely because he said he would actually protect you?

Time to bring down the structure we are feeding. Stop Buying! Stop paying corporations so can they choose our leaders. Starve the Beast.