Black Friday, Blackout Brain.

Black Friday is some sort of historic event, historical only in the fact that we fall for this nonsense every year. It’s merely another consumer holiday that the Corporations look forward to.

They have charts projecting throughout the year with demographics and stats on how much money they anticipate to manipulate us into buying on yet another contrived and irrelevant holiday. Another excuse to claim it’s sale time, when it’s actually CON time once again, as it is every few months.

As always we as a population of consuming fools, cannot resist.

Consumerism is a mental illness.

We run out, stand in lines,sleep in tents, fight each other, kick and claw to buy things we don’t need or want and if the stupid crap weren’t on sale we wouldn’t even think of buying them. Continue reading


Children eat what Big Food Corporations say!

Corporate Congress announced that frozen pizza was a vegetable. Who decides what your children eat at school? I know who does and it better be you, but more likely it’s Big Food Corporations. You know, the ones that paid off The United States Congress to vote to rebuke new USDA guidelines  for more fresh fruit and vegetables in school cafeterias.

But don’t worry cause Congress has our backs, yes indeed. It’s all ok because the aged rotten tomato paste made with sugar and of course that all important fiber we all need: WOOD! All on top of a frozen chemical-filled saw dust crust is actually a vegetable. Continue reading

Soylant Green is made of WOOD!

Yes, the Corporations and the FDA have decided that it’s a good idea to put wood in our food. McDonald’s McRib’s secret ingredient is Wood! Kellogg’s cereal has extra fiber, it’s called Wood! The list is far too long to post here, and the mere idea that there are other human beings on this planet that are so incredibly mentally challenged, such dullards, that they consider Wood as food fit for consumption makes my stomach turn.

But wait! The brilliant FDA, our Government, says it’s ok! So there is nothing to worry about.

No, wait a moment, the FDA is obviously being run by complete morons. If there was ever any doubt that the FDA is nothing more than Hillbillies with no education or had the ability to even tie shoe laces, any doubt has been dispelled. These people, and I hesitate to use the word people, are completely and utterly disabled!

But they are still very dangerous. Continue reading

Febreze, Don’t Buy

What is Febreze?

What does it do? And how does it do it, and when it’s finished, do I want what its done?
Maybe corporations think it will make me believe it has softened my clothes or cleaned my air. Did I need my air cleaned? Could I open a window? Could I live without this?

How is it created, with what chemicals, by what process and what about the data linking these chemically processed, useless products to cancer?
Corporations specialize in creating products we just don’t need, shouldn’t want and are bad for us. Without any conscious or integrity. Actually the process is more like creating a market through ads and hitting market groups then using chemicals to create a product that we don’t need but corporations manipulate us into believing we do.

So many ridiculous products on the market that people just stuff into their mouths, homes, children, cars and lives. They eat up worldly resources in the name of profit then fill up landfills and we slave away to feed the beast in adoration of its insane creations.

Lets compile a list and simple NEVER buy them again.

Why? Because we don’t need them and the corporations that create them should be dissolved.

Lets use our power.

Unify and contribute through action.