Patronage, historically proven.

In the past, Kings and Aristocrats were patrons of great artists, painters, musicians and even writers. The upper classes supported great minds to accomplish great works.

As we were once empowered by the printing press, the King was outraged that the commoners would be able to read the Bible and not have to go through the Church or him. What sacrilege to even think of such heresy.

Now, we the people are truly in power, as the internet has provided us with the ability to communicate unrestricted, to some degree, with our peers and we can read and listen to all we desire. The internet has dissolved the necessity for the aging middleman model, the behind the scenes greasy, talentless manipulator that pushed boxes around for a living, controlling distribution and strong-arming frightened merchants into sales control and price fixing. Continue reading


Coffee, Don’t buy.

That hot lovely liquid that surges our adrenals and makes us happy nervous.

Everyday we buy items that feed the beast. The beast that uses our hard earned money to fuel its own agenda. The beast that has enslaved the 99, the besast that will allow to live and breath its foul breath upon the each with consequence or guilt.

Coffee: Today get your caffeine fix from a local coffee shop or grind the beans yourself. Better yet skip the wretched soup and pocket the five dollars for food. We as a species survived long and well without the anxiety producing caffeine of coffee.

If we all stopped buying coffee alone, image the changes in your lifestyle, health and landscape as the corporate coffee giants fall. Starbucks could become a park on every corner. Continue reading

Local Buys

Buy Local.

Your neighbor Farmer’s Market has fresher food, often with less chemicals and poisons that corporations are forcing down our throats. They create this food from their own work and integrity. Support them and they will support us.

Make purchases from local stores, supporting commerce and profit in your area which will create jobs and invigorate our landscapes with valued costumers and recognized storekeepers.

Return the integrity of the monetary system to street level commerce.